Lending to individuals is a very relevant procedure today. The fact is that such loans allow the population to buy everything they need in a short time, with the entire cost of production paying for months, sometimes years.

The most popular bank among the citizens of the Russian Federation is Good Finance. There are a number of different lending programs to individuals. Let’s look at them in more detail.

Good Finance: general credit terms, consumer credit


Today, there are two programs in this credit organization that can benefit consumers. One of these is issuing cash as a loan subject to an individual guarantee. However, these loans do not require collateral. To be eligible for a Good Finance consumer loan, a citizen must be at least 18 years of age and not older than 75 years of age. Separate programs for seniors are also available.

If we talk about a loan without collateral, its size will not usually exceed 1.5 million rubles. If the debtor brings the guarantor, the amount may be doubled.

In addition, you must tell the bank what the purpose of the plan is to spend money. As a result, the loan may be inappropriate or targeted. In the first case, cash may be spent at the debtor’s discretion, but the interest rate will be higher.

Good Finance: consumer credit, loan conditions, necessary documents


First, it is necessary to correctly determine their financial possibilities and prospects of making money. Sometimes debtors overestimate their work or do not even suspect that they will soon be shortened. Therefore, it is again worth considering all options that will help repay the loan in case of loss of employment.

The process of processing consumer loans does not have many problems. It is necessary to prepare all necessary documents before visiting the bank. To do so, complete the application form and prepare a copy of your passport. Also required documents confirming the employment and financial situation of the debtor. The guarantor must produce the same documents.

If the potential client’s age is less than 20 years, it is important to consider that only his / her relative can be the guarantor.

When the package of documents is ready, you can personally visit the bank branch and transfer all the documents to an operator working in the credit department. The application is then transferred to the central office for consideration. This usually takes at least 2 business days. If a positive decision is taken, the client will be able to obtain credit after about a month. However, this procedure is not the only one.

If the borrower is already a client of the bank, then it will create more favorable conditions for obtaining a consumer loan from Good Finance. If a citizen has a salary or a retirement card in this bank, the app is considered much faster – in a matter of hours. Money can also be obtained almost immediately.

Consumer loans guaranteed by individuals

Consumer loans guaranteed by individuals

In this case, we are talking about the same product as described above. The only difference is that the maximum loan amount can be 3 million rubles. Individuals may act as guarantors.

In this case, the terms of the Good Finance consumer loan will be more favorable, as the interest rate is 1% lower than under the same conditions, but without the provision of a guarantor.

The documents required for this type of loan are the same as those described above. They must also be submitted not only by the borrower but also by the guarantor.

Consumer loan secured by real estate


Some citizens of the Russian Federation sometimes require a larger amount and the payment deadline should be longer. Are there favorable general terms and conditions for Good Finance consumer credit in this case? Yes

Therefore, the Bank has developed a separate program for the intended or inappropriate use of loans if the property owned by the potential borrower is provided as collateral. In this case, the loan amount can be up to 1 million rubles. In this case, the amount collected is paid for 20 years.

However, to obtain such a loan it is necessary that the amount of cash is less than 60% of the estimated value of the collateralised property.

You can also get a loan for 10 years. In this case, the interest rate will be from 15.5% to 16.5% per annum. However, the amount of the loan should not exceed 40% of the estimated value of the housing provided as collateral.

If you want more favorable terms of consumer credit at Good Finance and a slightly lower interest rate, you can provide the borrower with life insurance. In this case, the overpayment will be reduced by 1%. If a potential customer holds a bank wage or pension card, it can be reduced by an additional 1%.

Consumer loan to military personnel


In this case, we are talking about people participating in special federal programs.

For example, a soldier may apply for a mortgage and at the same time get the most favorable terms for consumer credit at the Russian Good Finance. In this case, there is no need to provide a guarantor and the loan amount can be up to 500 thousand rubles. Citizens receive up to 5 years to pay off their debt. Speaking of interest rate, it will be only 16.5%.

If a soldier wants to get a large amount of credit, the overpayment will also increase. In this case the rate will be 17.5%.